About HH

Hannah Henry and Rob Forbes

I learned how to wield an xacto blade and mix oil paint in my father’s studio and how to tackle word problems at my mother’s knee. I believe our devices connect us with each other, but they do not generate ideas. I prefer to speak face to face with my clients and to work out problems with pencil, paper and messy lines before getting “pixel-perfect.” I have worked as a waitress, a house-cleaner, and a shoe-shiner. I once shook hands with Pope John Paul II when I was the official photographer to the Hungarian Prime Minister. Now I build websites and take photos closer to home. I am also a lecturer in digital arts at Napa College. In my free time I draw, read books about math and ride my bike around town.

Contact HH

We are busy but we will talk to anyone, no matter how big or small your project is. Send a note! hannah at hh-studio.com